Industry Alert: Beware Fraudulent Solicitations

Lift&Co. Expo has been the target of some groups that are trying to take advantage of our growing industry event. Lift&Co. Expo exhibitors & attendees are getting numerous phone calls and e-mail messages from individuals offering all types of services from fake hotel & travel arrangements to attendee list sales.

Please note that Lift&Co. Expo and its vendors DO NOT sell exhibitor or attendee lists. Companies who do this are not affiliated with LIFT&Co.Expo in any way. DO NOT click on any links from e-mails from these types of accounts or from any that look suspicious.


Fraudulent emails and/or website domains include: “", ",” “,” “,” “,” “,” “,” “,” “,” “@reachleadez,” “,” “@prospex1,” and “”.


Please see below a list of approved Lift&Co.Expo vendors

The most absurd and frequent solicitations are coming from housing companies for room reservations at our host hotels in the immediate area of the show and alleged list-management companies that claim that they have Lift&Co. Expo attendee lists. If you are contacted about either of these offerings, they are scams! Lift&Co. Expo DOES NOT sell or share our attendee list with contact information.

If you receive a solicitation from a third party or from any person or business that claims to be an authorized vendor or makes it seem as though they are affiliated with Lift&Co. Expo, we ask that you forward the information to Cole Fendrich at [email protected] or call 972-349-5992.


Official Lift&Co. Expo Vendors

  • MCI USA — Event Operator (Event Production, Marketing, Exhibitor & Attendee Ticket Sales, Lead Retrieval, etc.)
  • Levy Exhibition Services — General Service Contractor (Exhibitor booth Furnishings, Transportation, Material Handling, etc.) – information is available in Exhibitor Service Kit.
  • Metro Toronto Convention Centre (MTCC) — Venue exclusive provider of electrical, rigging, catering, & cleaning in Toronto, Ontario.
  • Vancouver Convention Centre — Venue exclusive provider of electrical, rigging, catering, & cleaning in Vancouver, British Columbia.
  • Intercontinental Hotel & Chelsea Hotel, Toronto, Ontario
  • Pan Pacific Hotel, Vancouver, British Columbia