*located at Booth #1435 in the Expo Hall

The Lift Expo Main Stage is Canada’s Cannabis Industry Showplace. Here's where you'll find the most innovative, disruptive, game-changing, regulations-busting and profitmaking content showcased over two days of unmatched professional, consumer, recreational and medical cannabis programming.

Friday, June 2

  • What consumer buying habits are driving marketing campaigns today and what is the marketing mix: social media and online channels, in-person events and activations, PR and news releases?
  • Examples of innovative responsible-use campaigns with public health and safety messaging.
  • Brand Marketing and Retail Marketing: Combining the two approaches to make one + one = three.
  • Using data to win and keep new customers and patients.
  • Who knew?! How correlating unique data in novel ways informs better business decision-making - and how to make that happen
  • Auditing all relevant data sets and then how to crunch them: research studies, POS data, consumer feedback, etc.
  • How quick decision-making and problem-solving with real-time measurement and analysis maximizes unforeseen opportunities and minimizes challenges
  • Market consolidation and choice: how to choose an expert cannabis data analytics firm 
  • What is the gold standard of quality standards for cannabis?
  • Are international protocols, processes or certifications on the horizon anytime soon, and who will be the regulating authority?
  • Best practices: what are the fundamentals of cannabis quality control and what extra measures contribute to product value?
  • Integrity in testing: what is being done to address unreliable, questionable, even fraudulent, results from rogue labs?
  • What are the areas of greatest discovery in cannabis research, including synthetics?
  • What regulatory obstacles or funding gaps need to be addressed to further essential research?
  • What are the newest cannabis treatments that are being applied or are in clinical trials now?
  • How is the expanding wellness sector being differentiated from medical cannabis? What are the complements and/or conflicts?
  • Update on cannabis clinics and patient care, including what are the most prosperous clinics and clinicians doing to succeed and what are the measures of success?
  • Advocacy and regulatory affairs - how leading clinics and healthcare providers are educating regulators and policymakers on cannabis medical products and therapeutics
  • Access to medical insurance - the strides taken to categorize cannabis treatments fairly, like all other drug classifications.
  • The DIN dilemma - when and where in the world will this be solved?
  • New research, treatments and clinical trials for depression, anxiety, substance abuse, PTSD, etc.
  • The status of patient access - when can patients expect more psychedelic therapies to become available?
  • Business opportunities - separating or combining activist idealism and business acumen?
  • Traditional medicine and Indigenous communities - how partnerships are helping move regulators forward. 

Saturday, June 3

  • Seeding and seedlings - the top dos and don'ts
  • Anticipating the flowering stage and knowing what to do when it really matters
  • What are the best nutrients, why, and when to use them
  • Growing in a cold climate - tips on timing the perfect growing season
  • Harm Reduction Toolkit: new budtender materials that support positive interactions with customers
  • Industry changes for budtenders
  • Importance of education and product knowledge - and retail operational dos and don'ts
  • How retail owners empower budtenders, leading to long-term success for their stores
  • Consumer data update: product preference for Gen-Z, Y, X, Boomers?
  • Dosing and customer satisfaction – are the regulations keeping up to consumer demand?
  • New pre-mix cannabis beverages and at-home mixologist tips
  • Introducing and transitioning alcohol drinkers to cannabis beverages – what is the secret?
  • AI - how intuitive product design is disrupting the cannabis space
  • Potency limitations - are regulations keeping up with consumer preferences?
  • New devices and accessories - what new products are available Canada or in other jurisdictions?
  • What devices and accessories regulations are changing the cannabis accessory landscape in Canada.


*located at Booth #603 in the Expo Hall

Speakers' Corner West is where brand and retail specialists gather with budtenders, plant gurus, consumers and patients to share frank and honest discussions in a face-to-face Q&A format.

Friday, June 2

Saturday, June 3

Consider packing your toothbrush for this panel of cannabis tourism experts, including cannabis tour and travel providers, and cannabis entertainment impresarios, because they have the scoop to get you ready to roll!

Cannabis is becoming mainstream in sport. Hear how from outstanding athletes who have embraced cannabis therapies for peak performance.


*located at Booth #1903 in the Expo Hall

Speakers' Corner East is where experts, novices, business leaders, researchers and regulators gather in an up-close and personal setting for informal face-to-face Q&A discussions.

Friday, June 2

Join this discussion to learn how cannabis businesses can have environmental, social and governance principles at the heart of their business strategies.

Listen, learn and discuss how the health effects of lighting in growing facilities have an impact on employees' bodies and minds - as well as the bottomline.

Find out how to reduce costs, improve efficiency and make sense of complicated logistics through supply chain optimization principles.

When it comes to cannabis packaging there is much more than meets the eye. Learn what needs to be considered when choosing the right product packaging.

Saturday, June 3

Want to know how the heck hemp fits into the broader cannabis industry right now? Don't miss this "all things hemp" discussion.

Discover why psychedelics treatments were the right choice for these pioneering patients of psychedelic therapy.

Whether you're a curious mom, and uninitiated boomer, or experimental senior, choosing what's the right cannabis product for you is difficult, right? You'll get great pointers here.