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About Us | Lift & Co. Cannabis Expo


Canada's Meeting Place For Cannabis

Lift & Co. Expo is North America’s largest cannabis consumer trade show. Along with the Lift & Co. Business Conference, our events attract tens of thousands of visitors from around the globe and generates millions of media impressions

 Lift & Co. Expo proudly delivers an unmatched experience to the Canadian cannabis industry. Featuring over 250 exhibitors, more than 100 speakers including the industry's most knowledgable and inspiring leaders, this is Canada's signature event for cannabis consumers, professionals, and investors.

5 Expos & counting

Countless connections 

Hours of industry education 

Hundreds of expert presenters

Thousands of attendees

Your Lift & Co. Expo Team

A collection of experts, motivators, planners, organizers, and most importantly fun personalities -  get to know your Lift & Co. Expo team.


Barry Smith

Every team needs a "get'er-done" guy. The Lift & Co. Expo team is lucky to have Barry back on board with his expertise in all things cannabis & psychedelics. 


Delaney Duclow

You can count on Delaney to keep our events on schedule, organized, and running smooth. You really can't spell event coordinator without OCD, can you? 


Donna Johnson

Coloring in the lines is not Donna's forte. She's always thinking outside the box and pushing the envelope to make magic happen.


Todd Gilmore

If you're going to do it, do it right and do it all the way to ensure future success. Oh, and could you throw a meme in there for good measure?


Lacey Houston

Sales isn't black or white. Whether Lacey's providing her customers with top-notch solutions or thriving on the mommy vlog, you can find her dancing in the grey all day every day. 


Marlena Turner

Customer service? Marlena has it covered. A smile on everyone's face? You bet. Just like her radiant personality, Marlena brings a whole lot of sparkle and shine to every sale. 


Tol Kincaid

Here's the thing about Tol: after a career spent growing, nurturing, and connecting audiences to help them find success, one thing's for sure: he's not afraid of any challenge. 

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Lift & Co. Expo is proudly managed by MCI Events. We're thrilled to come back stronger than ever and put on an excellent show!

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