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Toronto Success: The Cannabis Industry Counts on Lift&Co. Expo

Toronto, Ontario (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Lift&Co. Expo, Canada’s no. 1 cannabis conference and trade show, hosted its latest event at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, May 12-15, 2022. Throughout the Lift Cannabis Business Conference (May 12) and Lift&Co. Expo in the Centre’s North Hall (May 13-15), leading-edge content and exhibitors from across North America showcased the information and innovations that will power the future of the cannabis industry.

Lift&Co. Expo by the Numbers

  • Canada’s 1st Cannabis Trade Show
    established in 2016
  • 10 Events to Date
  • 9,700+ Participant Admissions
    representing the Americas, Europe & Asia
  • 140+ Exhibitors
  • 130+ Speakers
  • 40 Industry & Media Partners

The Lift Cannabis Business Conference (LCBC) kicked off the event with a packed house and a packed full-day agenda. Sessions included Next Gen Cannabis Innovations, New Big Product Categories and Cannabis Market Trends & Predictions. Thereafter, Industry Stage sessions throughout the three-day expo featured additional forward-thinking programming across both the cannabis and psychedelics sectors. The fascinating topics covered included Athletes & Cannabis, Cannabis Crystal Ball, New Psychedelics Data and The Future of Edibles. Speakers included Niel Marotta, President and CEO of Indiva; Elias Theodorou, MMA Fighter and Ambassador for Athletes for CARE; Tamara Lilien, Head of Education at CannSell Ontario; Antuanette Gomez, CEO of Peak Pharm Labs; and George Smitherman, CEO of the Cannabis Council of Canada.

All this, plus the uniquely irresistible experience that makes Lift&Co. Expo a can’t-miss event for the cannabis community. Live music to open the show and a live DJ throughout set a festival-like tone, as leading names in the industry hosted welcoming, interactive booths. A sleek lounge from JMCC, Greenline POS’s tablet-enabled demos, Dutchie’s signature hotel and a psychedelic set-up by Mood Ring, just to name a few, all buzzed with conversations.

"The team at Lift&Co. Expo has been fantastic with helping us put our booth together and providing us great channels for getting our message out there,” says Calvin Ho, Co-founder and COO of Greenline POS. “We have been exhibiting at Lift&Co Expo since 2018 and will continue to do so in the future."

"Lift&Co. Expo is the time to create and nurture meaningful relationships, and reconnect with friends in the Canadian cannabis industry,” says Andrew Nunez-Alvarez, founder of The Trap Market. “The event never fails to generate a sense of community that brings like-minded, passionate professionals together under one roof."

The event’s signature surprises and a-ha! moments could be found around every corner, including the life-size Colour Your World wall, hourly prize giveaways, and 420 receptions. Not to be outdone, a rainbow Rolls Royce pulled right onto the show floor, courtesy of PINNRZ. The fun carried through to the official Lift&Co. Expo After Party, featuring Weedmaps, which packed Steam Whistle Brewing with a celebration to remember set against the Toronto skyline.

“We are continually inspired by Lift&Co. Expo, but this year was especially significant,” says Shawn Pierce, President of MCI Events. “As the cannabis landscape defines its ‘new normal’ in the pandemic era, we’re proud to cultivate a welcoming space for creating connections and reinvigorating the industry.”

Upcoming Events

  • Lift&Co. Expo Vancouver
    January 12-14, 2023
  • Lift&Co. Expo Toronto
    June 1-4, 2023

Lift&Co. Expo Powers the Future of the Cannabis Industry

Lift&Co. Expo, Canada’s no. 1 cannabis conference and trade show, returns to the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, May 12-15, 2022. As the highly anticipated show draws near, the team behind the scenes reveals noteworthy new features and a schedule of can’t-miss content to power the future of Canada’s booming cannabis industry.

Lift&Co. Expo Toronto 2022 includes:​

  • Lift Cannabis Business Conference | May 12​
  • CannaVest North Investment Forum | May 13-14
  • Lift&Co. Expo Industry Days | May 13 – 14 
  • Budtender Day | May 14
  • Lift&Co. Expo Consumer Day | May 15​

Lift&Co. Expo 2022 kicks off with the leading educational event of its kind, the Lift Cannabis Business Conference (LCBC), on May 12, 2022. With a speaker list that reads as a who’s-who of the modern cannabis industry, topics will focus on forward-thinking insights on Canada and across the globe. Thereafter, Lift&Co. Expo Industry Days on May 13 and 14, which include the CannaVest North Investment Forum, will continue exploring what’s new, notable and next in the cannabis industry.

Content highlights include:

  • Next Gen Cannabis Innovation: The Future of Rapid Delivery Cannabis (May 12)
  • The New Big Product Categories: What Will They Be? (May 12)
  • Athletes & Cannabis: How Cannabis is a Game-Changer (May 13)
  • The Operator Perspective: Business Plans & Future Expansion Opportunities (May 13)
  • Crystal Ball: The Future of the Canadian Cannabis Market (May 14)
  • Activist-to-Industry: Canada’s Leading Cannabis Industry Pioneers (May 14)

Speakers appearing on-stage and leading sessions include:

  • Niel Marotta, President & CEO, Director, Co-Founder, Indiva
  • Elias Theodorou, MMA Fighter, Cannabis Advocate, Athlete Ambassador, Athletes for CARE
  • Solonje Burnett, Co-Founder & CEO, Humble Bloom
  • Philippe Lucas, PhD, President, SABI Mind
  • Tamara Lilien, Head of Education, CannSell Ontario
  • Adolfo Gonzalez, Founder & Headmaster, CannaReps

“Word has traveled fast that the Canadian cannabis market is projected to reach $4.8B in sales in 2022, but that’s just a number,” says Shawn Pierce, President of MCI Events. “Savvy industry members trust Lift&Co. Expo for the information and future insights they need to make the most of the market. We take this responsibility very seriously, but we also have a lot of fun doing it.”

This year, the signature Lift&Co. Expo experience will include plenty of new features and attractions. To name a few: Along with returning Presenting Partner JMCC, new Presenting Partner Greenpoint POS joins the line-up. The new Lift&Co. Expo Discovery Zone will showcase first-time finds in a special section of the exhibition hall filled with hundreds of products, services and innovations. New Budtenders’ Masterclasses, plus additional benefits for the hardworking, highly-skilled folks behind the counter. The first-ever Lift&Co. Expo Ambassador Board features 20-plus cannabis industry insiders. Plus, even more giveaways, fresh photo activations and a new expanded capacity after-party venue (to be announced soon).

With dozens of learning opportunities and hundreds of speakers, that’s but glimpse at what will be revealed. All this, plus the uniquely irresistible experience that makes Lift&Co. Expo the #1 event with thousands of cannabis retailers, producers, growers, investors, movers and shakers.

Tickets for Lift&Co. Expo Toronto 2022 are on sale now! Visit us on Flickr and Instagram to peek exclusive pics, and preview more exhibitors, speakers, and sponsors in weeks to come.


Lift&Co. Expo Announces So Much New for Toronto '22!

Lift&Co. Expo, Canada’s no. 1 cannabis conference and trade show, returns to the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, May 12-15, 2022, delivering expert insights and education, as well as the ultimate in business-building networking, and an expo floor showcasing hundreds of products, services, and cannabis industry innovations.

All this, plus the uniquely irresistible experience that keeps thousands of cannabis producers, growers, investors, movers, shakers and trailblazers buzzing – to the tune of 15 million-plus social media impressions (and counting).

Lift&Co. Expo Toronto 2022 includes:​

  • Lift Cannabis Business Conference | May 12​
  • CannaVest North Investment Forum | May 13-14
  • Lift&Co. Expo Industry Days | May 13 – 14 
  • Budtender Day | May 14
  • Lift&Co. Expo Consumer Day | May 15​

 Always full of surprises, the event has plenty of “new” in store for ‘22:

  • Leading-Edge Education | Up-to-the-minute intelligence on world markets, critical industry shifts, next-gen innovations, regulations, profitability and much more
  • Budtenders’ Masterclasses | Discover Canada’s top cannabis training certification for uber aficionados and haute sommeliers.
  • Industry Days | Now two full days of networking and learning are dedicated exclusively to members of the cannabis industry
  • CannaVest North Investment Forum | The esteemed conference’s Canadian debut, connecting cannabis companies seeking capital with accredited investors
  • Top Deal-Makers’ Marketplace | Key destination for leaders from Canada’s top LPs, retailers, labs, suppliers, and more, to connect and form strategic alliances
  • 420 Receptions | Mix, mingle and make connections right on the Expo Floor
  • Lift&Co. Expo Ambassador Board | Featuring 20+ insiders, and cannabis industry innovators

In addition, new and returning favorite Lift&Co. Expo partners and exhibitors will include Platinum Partner Futurola, Silver Partner BIS Solutions, Presenting Partner JMCC, and exhibitors Indiva, Hawthorne, Dutchie, Canapa/Paxiom, FedEx and more.

As Toronto’s must-go show readies to welcome thousands from across Canada and North America, the team behind the scenes hints at an experience to remember.

“Each year, we lead with the quality, value and uniqueness of our industry education,” says Barry Smith, Lift&Co. Expo Content Director. “For Toronto ‘22, I’m eager to reveal new consumer and patient products and therapies. Plus, our brand-new stage called The Dome is designed for interviews focused on game-changing issues.”

“The Canadian cannabis market is projected to reach $4.8B in sales in 2022,” says Shawn Pierce, President of MCI Events. “We’re serious about providing education and facilitating the connections that will drive the future of this booming industry. But we don’t take ourselves too seriously, and that’s what makes the Lift&Co. Expo experience so unique.”

Tickets for Lift&Co. Expo Toronto 2022 will go on sale soon! Meanwhile, visit us on Flickr and Instagram to peek exclusive pics, and preview more exhibitors, speakers, and sponsors in weeks to come.

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April 8, 2022

Canadian Firms Lead Research into New Ways of Producing Minor Cannabinoids, Reports CBD-Intel

Lift&Co. Expo 2022 Media Partner Content
The success and increasing popularity of CBD products has sparked investment and research into the therapeutic potential of a greater number of minor cannabinoids as well as ways of producing them in ever-increasing amounts, at lower cost.

Cannabis is a complex plant that contains hundreds of cannabinoid compounds, each with different active properties and varying legal statuses around the world. Some of the rare cannabinoids of current interest include cannabigerol (CBG), cannabinol (CBN), cannabidivarin (CBDV), cannabidiorcin (CBDO) and tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV).

Among the therapeutic powers being claimed and investigated are CBDV’s potential anticonvulsant effects, CBG’s antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties and THCV’s ability to decrease appetite, increase satiety, and improve energy metabolism, which could make it a useful remedy for weight management and type 2 diabetic patients.

Large-scale cultivation and processing of minor cannabinoids can be challenging and costly because they are found in the plant in lower quantities than more common cannabinoids such as CBD, so traditional extraction processes do not produce a lucrative yield. This has led firms to explore other methods of manufacturing, such as biosynthesis and chemical synthesis, which can produce higher yields at lower cost.

In December 2021, Canadian biotech firm Hyasynth announced that it had secured an additional CAD2.5m investment from cannabis firm Organigram Holdings to invest in new cannabinoid technologies, including minor cannabinoids. This latest investment, in the form of secured convertible debentures, brings Organigram’s investment in the Montreal-based firm to CAD$10m.

Hyasynth has used novel enzymes and processes to produce more than 20 rare cannabinoids, including CBDO, CBDV, CBG, CBN, and THCV. The firm has been granted a US patent for the use of its novel cannabinoid biosynthesis pathway in yeast, which reduces the number of enzymatic steps required to produce cannabinoids, making it more efficient than the known pathway from the cannabis plant.

“The company’s novel cannabinoid pathway not only provides valuable freedom to operate, it also streamlines the process of optimising strains for large-scale production,” said Hyasynth’s chief technical officer, Shoham Mookerjee.

Hyasynth has also advanced several additional patent applications for the biosynthesis of minor cannabinoids, which it is calling “the next frontier of cannabis research and novel cannabis product development”.

Also patenting its methods is Californian biotech start-up Biomedican, which is creating non-GMO rare cannabinoids at scale by using proprietary strains of yeasts such as Yarrowia Lipolytica.

“Our strains can produce cannabinoids up to 5% from dry cell mass. Higher yields mean lower costs for production and downstream purification,” said Biomedcan’s CEO Maxim Mikheev.

“The major problem most companies have in this space is low yields and they cannot produce olivetolic acid, which is a critical compound for producing cannabinoids,” he added.

Biomedican also claims that biosynthesising these rare cannabinoids reduces issues relating to the toxicity and contaminants that are naturally present in soil. “When you go into cultivation, the plant sucks all the toxins and contaminants out of the soil, so you have to purify it,” said Biomedican president Dennis O’Neill. “You never really end up with a product that is completely free of toxins and contaminants.”

The firm has recently been focusing its research on CBG and THCV. “Research has shown that [CBG] significantly reduces intraocular pressure caused by glaucoma, and [cannabis] strains high in CBG may be beneficial in the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease, Crohn disease, and cancer, and it does have some benefits in treating anxiety,” said O’Neill, adding that there have been more than 22 clinical trials into CBG and further trials currently in progress.

“On THCV, which is another one that we’re focused on, there have been over a dozen clinical trials over the past couple of decades and there are another 20 or so going on now.”

O’Neill claims that research into THCV has recently surged because of its potential for weight loss. “I hate to say it, but the fact of the matter is that the appetite suppressant was the biggest driver,” said O’Neill. “Everybody wants to be thin and nobody wants to be crabby when they’re fasting. When you’re fasting, it can affect your sugar levels and your insulin intake, so, especially in California, that’s a big thing right now.”

The ability of THCV to aid weight management was the subject of a recent clinical trial by hemp supplier ECS Brands with support from the National Institutes of Health and guidance from the Mayo Clinic.

The trial assessed its potential for weight loss, anxiety treatment and other therapies using Nitro-V Hemp Extract, an ECS Brands product that contains high concentrations of THCV, CBDV and other cannabinoids. Results of the randomised, double-blind placebo-controlled human study indicated that the subjects’ average body mass index dropped by three points, with some shedding as many as 22 lbs (10 kg) over the 90-day period of the trial. The study further demonstrated a 61% reduction in hunger, 40% fewer food cravings and a 52% drop in anxiety among participants.

“We saw deep sleep improve 300% within two weeks. We saw blood sugars come down significantly from those that are considered high, pre-diabetic ranges of haemoglobin A1C,” ECS Brands founder and CEO Arthur Jaffee told Cannabis Industry Journal.

Meanwhile, Vancouver-based pharmaceutical firm InMed is claiming to be the first company to clinically trial the ability of CBN to treat “diseases with high unmet medical need”. CBN is a degradant of THC after exposure to air, light and heat. Unlike THC, it is generally accepted as non-psychoactive.

“We’re very glad to be the first company globally to bring forth a specific rare cannabinoid called cannabinol, or CBN, into human clinical trials, looking at its use as a therapeutic product,” CEO Eric Adams told Edison Research.

InMed is running two pharmaceutical development programmes for CBN: one Phase 2 clinical development is investigating its use as a topical to treat epidermolysis bullosa, a painful blistering skin disorder, while another preclinical development is investigating its impact of CBN in eye drops to treat glaucoma.

“It’s a product that we’ve had under research and development for the last three, four years. We’ve been making great progress with it and we’ve now entered the stage of healthy human clinical trials in the Netherlands with this cannabinol-based skin cream,” said Adams.

CBD-Intel provides impartial, independent and premium market and regulatory analysis, legal tracking, and quantitative data for the cannabidiol (CBD) sector worldwide. We provide our clients with the tools to navigate this fast-moving sector, tailor their business strategy, optimise resources and make informed decisions. In addition, we offer customised research and consultancy support. 

October 4, 2021

Peek Lift&Co. Expo's Can't - Miss Exhibitors

Preview products, services and new partners coming this fall to Canada's number one cannabis and psychedelics event. 


We're back! Lift & Co. Expo , the largest cannabis and psychedelics tradeshow and conferences in the world, returns to the Metro Toronto Convention Center, November 18 - 21, 2021. 

This can't-miss show is your connection to hundreds of products, services, exclusive learning experiences and industry-leading experts. Don't miss the Lift Cannabis Business Conference (Nov. 18), Expo Industry Day (Nov. 19), and the Expo Consumer Days weekend (Nov. 20-21), among many other opportunities to expand your knowledge and network. 

Plus, Lift & Co. Expo is introducing the Lift Psychedelics Business Summit (Nov. 18) focusing on psychedelics research and therapies as business and investment opportunities. And that's not the only surprise we have in store. Curious? Read on for a sneak peek at a few of this year's exhibitors and new partners. 

Exhibitor Highlights 

Phyto Extractions  

Get retail-ready: Don't miss Phyto Extractions, a leading source for insights and consistent high-quality cannabis experiences. A platinum partner of Lift & Co. Expo Toronto 2021, Phyto Extractions has earned its stellar reputation by producing and distributing cannabis-derived products designed for medical cannabis and forward-looking therapeutic use. 


Stay ahead of the crowd: They revolutionized cannabis culture in Amsterdam - and that was just the beginning for this family-owned, innovation-focused company. Open a window onto the future of rolling with Futurola, dedicated to providing exciting new products and superior customer care, every step of the way. 


Explore what's new:  Indiva has the best of all worlds - Indica and Sativa, experience and expertise, cannabis and community. Explore premium edibles and capsules, as well as traditional flower and pre-roll products, as you connect with this multi-award winning licensed producer that's also pioneering new ways to honour the cannabis experience through connecting with a diverse crowd.  


Save time, boost efficiency:  Budsense is a cannabis-focused software company helping retailers create and manage digital and print menus for their stores. In short, when it comes to your cannabis menus, Budsense makes it easy. Connect with the company that customers across North America are praising for effective, time-saving solutions. 

Partner Highlights 

There are also many partners joining the Lift & Co. Expo roster this year, including:  

Secure your tickets today for Lift & Co. Expo, the must-attend cannabis and psychedelics event of the season. 

September 21, 2021

Lift&Co. Expo makes its much anticipated return to the Toronto Metro Convention Centre on Thursday, November 18 - November 21, 2021.

This year the Lift & Co. Expo team is doing what it does best - and doing it even better: bringing the cannabis community together with a full house of business leaders, investors, researchers, regulators, professional services and industry suppliers, as well as medical and recreational consumers. But there's even more for 2021: now there is an all-new Lift Psychedelics Business Summit, November 19.

This year's expo days are all about learning, networking and recharging the community's collective batteries after such a long hiatus.

This year not only will there be over 200 exhibitors sharing their knowledge and expertise, but there are also 150 speakers offering insights, experience, tip, traps and tactics, that will help delegates succeed as they manage and build their businesses.

Here are just a few samples of the tough industry challenges the Lift & Co. spotlight is pointing on this year, and who will be presenting:

  • Pioneer CEO's Bruce Linton, Alison Gordon, John Fowler and John Prentice will explain the real deal about U.S. legalization and its impact on Canadian cannabis
  • Former Ontario health minister George Smitherman is moderating a Regulatory 360 panel assessing what regs build strong Canadian cannabis companies and which ones cut them down
  • Plus, presidents and CEOs from Nova Cannabis, WeedMD, dutchie, JMCC, Protonify, RoseLife Science, Cannaceutical Canada, Province Brands, Merrco Payments, and TAAL Distributed Information Technologies, just to name a few
  • And there is lots of smart science from Canopy Growth Corporation, Atlas Growers, Green Plant Nutrients, ASTM International, American Association for Laboratory Accreditation, and more

This can't miss live cannabis and psychedelics event will be Canada's largest and most ambitious of 2021. While all required safety and sanitation protocols will be in place to safely welcome attendees, exhibitors, businesses, and presenters, there are also limited spaces for this comprehensive, immersive four-day event. So, tickets are expected to sell out.

Whether you are a burgeoning start-up, expanding your business, or simply a curious consumer, the show has something for everyone. 

​​Day one is dedicated to the Lift Cannabis Business Conference, November 18. It is an exclusive full-day conference held ahead of expo weekend that brings together Canada's top cannabis executives, innovators and regulators to share their perspectives and approaches to the industry's most pressing concerns. These masterclass panel discussions will focus on industry economics, marketing, retail, regulations, investing, and much more; making Lift & Co. Expo the perfect venue to seek new ideas, advice, guidance, inspiration, plus updates and forecasts on what's going on in the cannabis industry, right now. This is a fan-favourite conference that has provided attendees with unmatched access to ideas, insights, techniques, approaches and strategies that have shaped the cannabis sector, both in Canada and internationally.

On the Expo Industry Day, November 19 from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., is when initiative meets opportunity. Here is where industry insiders meet for professional deep-dives, high-level panel presentations, and in-depth discussions that never fail to build partnerships and collaborations. The Industry Day is industry-only, planned for and programmed to connect established business leaders, new owners an innovators, production specialists, researchers, senior management and new hires alike.

This year debuts the all-new, all-day, in-depth Lift Psychedelic Business Summit, also on November 19 so psychedelics summit delegates can visit the Industry Day tradeshow exhibition.

Lift & Co. Expo needed to be a leader in this new industry. As psychedelics research and new therapies emerge, a psychedelics sector is growing, and Canada is an international leader - for now. That is why this new Canadian business-focused psychedelics summit is important, and why the main subjects of discussion, such as what is Canada's place and potential in this new industry, what are the proven patient breakthroughs, who are the psychedelics trailblazers, researchers, business owners and investors, and what do they know and what can they share? These questions are critically important to establish a thriving Canadian psychedelics industry. So, whether you are a growing concern or just interested in what's happening in the psychedelics world now, this new learning summit is just for you.

All of these professional events culminate into the much-loved Consumer Days on November 20-21. On the expo weekend, consumers, patients, as well as industry professionals, experience together all of what Lift & Co. Expo has to offer, with the widest range of vendors and entertainment, this one-of-a-kind conference and tradeshow provides recreational and medical cannabis consumers and psychedelics patients an unparalleled opportunity to explore, learn, and interact with exhibitors from Canada and beyond.

The Consumer Days are also about learning too. Topical panels and speakers take over the main stage for lively sessions and conversations on topics ranging from ageing and beauty, growing at home, the best retail experiences, new product innovations and accessories, love and romance, CBD for your pets, and more. Here, cannabis enthusiasts can speak to and learn from reliable, welcoming sources, while cannabis brands and suppliers can discover developing consumer trends and the public's expectations for what they want next from cannabis and psychedelics products.

Lift & Co. Expo Toronto 2021 will continue its tradition to build up brands, networks, and Canadian companies. This expo has a proven track record as the premier cannabis and psychedelics business and consumer-focused tradeshow and conference series in Canada: with over 200 exceptional exhibitors, 150 presenters, unequalled learning and networking opportunities, and all fueled by engaging conversations, new collaborations and unexpected discoveries.

Tickets are on sale now in limited quantities, so don't miss out on what it offers attendees, revealing learning opportunities and an overall enjoyable experience of the highest class.

September 13, 2021

Why should you attend Lift&Co. Expo 2021?

It's happening! Lift&Co. Expo is coming back to Toronto this fall, from November 18-21, 2021, at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. 

The 2021 event includes new core elements that support Lift& Co. Expo as Canada's largest cannabis and psychedelics conference and tradeshow, including educational programming throughout, business summits and unparalleled networking opportunities. 

Lift&Co. Expo is dedicated to reaching those all-over the cannabis and psychedelics industry and exposing them to the latest and greatest information and technology available. That is why anybody in the cannabis or psychedelics industry, whether you are a business, buyer, seller, consumer, or a patient, you should attend our event. 

Still need some convincing? Take a look at our breakdown of the four-days at Lift&Co. Expo and tell us you aren't booking your tickets by the end! 

Day One - Lift Cannabis Business Conference

Join Lift&Co. Expo for an exclusive, full-day Lift Cannabis Business Conference before the weekend kicks-off. This conference brings together some of Canada's top cannabis business leaders, innovators, and regulators. They will be sharing their perspectives and approaches on the most important and contentious issues facing the industry today. 

Day Two - Lift Industry Day & Lift Psychedelics Business Summit

Day two consists of both the Lift Industry Day & the Lift Psychedelics Business Summit. 

Lift Industry Day is an industry-only trade show and presentation day, where cannabis industry business owners, management leaders, production specialists, company administrators or industry-curious entrepreneurs to name a few can enjoy meaningful conversations that build relationships, create opportunities and fuel collaborations.

There is also an exciting new program on day two, The Lift Psychedelics Business Summit, dedicated to the expansion of psychedelic research and the emergence of new and proposed therapies for psychedelics. This full-day summit will provide the latest and most up-to-date business intelligence on today's psychedelic industry. 

Day Three & Four - Lift Consumer Days

Don't miss out on day three and four that have been designed specifically for all recreational consumers and medical patients! This is an opportunity to explore, learn and connect with over 200 cannabis and psychedelics exhibitors from Canada and around the world. 

And there you have it, a breakdown of the must-attend Lift&Co. Expo! Don't catch FOMO (fear of missing out) and get your tickets here now.