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BECOME A SPEAKER | Lift & Co. Cannabis Expo

Apply to Become a Speaker

We are always looking to grow our database of dynamic industry thought-leaders interested in participating at Lift & Co.’s best-in-class events.

Lift & Co.’s  Conferences, Summits and Expos bring together leading experts from across the industry to tackle pressing issues, trends and insights.  

While our programming takes many formats – from presentations to panels to fireside chats, we continue to strive to ensure that our programming topics and speakers are relevant, timely and industry-leading.

If you feel that your expertise and experience positions you to be a thought-leader, we invite you to complete the application to become a speaker.

Who can apply to be a speaker?

We invite anyone interested in becoming a speaker to complete the speaker submission form.  Please note that we strive to ensure that speakers are delivering meaningful and relevant content, free from self-promotion and pitches. In your application please be sure to include the topics you can speak to and what you feel makes you uniquely qualified to speak on the subject.

Please note a speaker application for must be completed to be considered. Requests received via email, internal or third-party contacts will be directed to the online application.

Do I need to apply again if I applied last year?

As we make every effort to remain timely with our content and topics, we do not carry forward applications from one year to another. If you have applied to participate in a specific event in the past but are interesting in being considered for an upcoming event, please submit a new application.

What are the deadlines for applying to be a speaker?

Please find the deadlines Each of Lift & Co. event has Speaker Application Deadlines

Lift & Co. Cannabis Expo Toronto 2020 - October 2, 2020

I’ve submitted my application, now what?

Again, thank you for submitting your application. All speakers are evaluated on their expertise and what topics they can speak to.  The number of panels and presentations changes from event to event and the number of speakers fluctuates to reflect that. We make every effort to contact successful applicants a minimum of 1 month before each event, however there may be additional opportunities that arise prior an event for which additional speaker applicants may be contacted.

How do you determine who will be a speaker at an event?

Our speakers are determined through an internal process that involves our content, events and strategy teams. Each of these groups contributes to the development of programming themes, topics and suggested speakers. The speaker applications are then reviewed to identify speakers fit within the event programming focus for a specific event.

Content is driven by current issues and market trends and developments. We also make an effort to ensure that we not only have the right speakers but that our speakers include diverse individuals.

Who do I follow up with to find out if my application is successful?

Due to the volume of applicants, we are only able to contact successful speaker applicants. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide information on the status of individual applications.

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