Industry (Main) Stage Schedule

*located at Booth #1040 in the Expo Hall, West Building

Friday, January 13

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  • Cutting-edge advancements in technology for the grow room
  • LED lighting and the latest related – and cost-effective – technologies
  • Ensuring the right acquisition choices in a crowded, highly competitive market 
  • Plus, what automation and technology are helping producers generate top dollar for their products and increasing profitability in difficult market conditions  

Justin Cooper, Host of Growing Exposed and Co-Founder, GreenPlanet Nutrients. 

Logan Dunn, Founder & CEO, DUNN Cannabis and Partnership with BZAM Cannabis

Alex Villegas, better known as Miami Mango

  • Cannabis crops of the future – Grow settings? Countries and regions? What plant profiles and features are consumers seeking?
  • Ground-breaking research – DNA, scent-free, potency, new cannabidiols
  • Agri-business best practices for cannabis production and testing – framing business strategy on realistic goals supported by science, with deliverable timelines, and driven by market conditions
  • Home growers: their needs, their practices, their role in the world of cannabis, and how the industry can interact with them in the future

Moderator: Daniel Bear, Canadian Lead Researcher, Global Cannabis Cultivation Research Consortium and Professor, Humber College

Stewart Maxwell, Cannabis Crop Consultant, Elevated Botanist

Justin Cooper, Co-Founder, Green Planet and Host, Growing Exposed

Lisa Campbell, CEO, Mercari Agency

  • Medical Cannabis update - new research and treatment advances, including dosing, product formats and delivery systems, contra-indications, physician and pharmacist education and where best to seek the best patient consultations
  • Health Canada’s CBD review – what is the likely pathway that HC will take to position CBD as a NHP, and what are the implications for producers, retailers, OTC opportunities, etc.
  • How may medical cannabis and CBD be regulated in the future? Will there be a new CBD regulatory framework, distinct from adult use THC products? Or CBD added to Natural and non-Prescription Health Products Directorate?
  • Health Canada’s scientific committee – Who are they? What are they likely to recommend? How can the committee be influenced? How soon could recommendations be adopted and implemented?

Moderator: Deepak Anand, Cannabis Industry Management Advisor, ASDA Consultancy Services

Jason Schwartz, COO, Mendo Medical Cannabis

Shan Mei Young Tai, Nurse Practitioner, Ontario

Marie Sweeney, Cannabis Team Specialist, Cannabis License Experts

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  • The Technology – delivering product performance excellence and what it takes 
  • The Consumer – the journey of product testing for safety and awesome UX  
  • The Experience – the top five pleasure points for a premium vape pen and how to deliver them
  • The Future – what is coming next and how to be ready

Douglas Dunlap, Director of Go To Market, CCELL

  • Consumer statistics, consumption trends, and real demand – what are the latest buying habits and how are they impacting businesses?
  • Who are today’s emerging consumers and are their demands being met? What consumer group is most influential?
  • Recreation vs. Wellness – what does the future hold for these product segments?
  • Global market shifts, new entries, opportunities, challenges, and threats for Canada’s industry

Moderator: Ian Cameron, VP Marketing, Fobi

Kathryn Ambrose, Director Behavioural Insights & User Experience, HCD Research

Nuno Salgado, Head of Marketing & Partnerships, Merrco

Michael Colbourne, CEO, Neobi

Andrew Leber, Founder & CEO, Strainbrain

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  • The equipment needed to automate the packaging of products from flowers to oil or pre-rolls that meet all Canadian and American regulations
  • Expertise, maintenance and customer support – onsite and remotely – when it is needed
  • Getting the weight, the fill, and the compaction right – every time
  • Challenges of solutions to automate infused pre-rolls

Harold Bouchard, President, PreRoll-Er and Procepack

  • Applying, attaining and maintaining a micro-producer licence – what it takes (and is it worth it?)
  • Balancing operational requirements and profitability goals with federal and provincial regulations and requirements
  • Enforcement – legal versus illicit – are legal producers being supported by dependable enforcement?
  • Economic Development – pathways from legacy to legal, funding, grants, etc.

Moderator: David Brown, CEO, Stratcann

Andrea Hoy, Owner, The Hazy Camper

Kayla Mann, Chief Financial & Revenue Officer, Habitat Life

Shannon Ross, CEO, Antidote Processing

Kevin McBride, CEO & PRIC, Sen Pharm Partners

  • The Risk Checklist – supply chain, reputational damage, product liability, regulatory compliance, crime, natural disasters, workplace injury, cyber security, etc.
  • Completing a comprehensive enterprise-wide risk assessment
  • Broad assurances and fine print – ensure risk mitigation and coverage align
  • Understanding payout conditions and determining optimal coverage

Moderator: Leslie Ducommun, VP Complex Risk, HUB International

Kelli Hunt, SVP, NextWave

Scott Wilkins, Senior Broker, MaxxCann Insurance Services



  • Alberta’s Mental Health Services Protection Amendment explained and why it matters
  • Canada’s current critical regulatory and jurisdictional alignments and conflicts, such as federal laws (i.e. Controlled Drug and Substances Act, Food and Drug Act) and the many related provincial laws
  • What will be the licensing process for psychedelics clinics and what is its impact for patients in Alberta and possibly across Canada
  • Treatment standards, reporting requirements and enforcement – what, when, and how?

David Wood PhD, Principal, R-Group Legal

  • Research and clinical trials update, including new treatments and medical accessibility for patients
  • Medical education - how clinicians can get informed and stay informed, including access to resources/SAP (and how to get licenced)
  • Critical regulatory and jurisdictional alignments and conflicts, such as federal laws (i.e. Controlled Drug and Substances Act, Food and Drug Act) and the many related provincial laws
  • Lessons from cannabis - re. corporatization, Indigenous reciprocity, equity and diversity in psychedelics

Moderator: Philippe Lucas PhD, President, SABI Mind

Rielle Capler PhD, Board Co-Chair, MAPS Canada 

Dr. Rae St. Arnault ND, Founder, Psychedelic Development Corporation

Francine Douglas, Manager, Sacred Circle Wellness

Ben Lightburn, CEO & Co-Founder, Filament Health

Saturday, January 14

  • Section 119 – what are the opportunities for BC indigenous businesses and is it a pathway for other indigenous businesses in Canada
  • Opportunity and entrepreneurial spirit – what is BC First Nations doing with cannabis to raise communities out of poverty, combat prejudice, alienation, etc?
  • Business Case and USP – indigenous cannabis versus all the rest
  • Indigenous cannabis cooperation, collaborations, and what's growing in nations across Canada 

Otis Jasper, Director Business Development & Partner Relations, All Nations

Jodee Dick, CEO, Khowutzun Development Corp. 

Darwin Douglas, CEO, All Nations

  • Cooking with cannabis: understanding dosing, terpenes, pairing
  • Creating recipes, dishes, meals and fun snacks
  • Moderation and mixing – how to enjoy cannabis-infused foods and beverages in good measure
  • How to get a cannabis party started get to a great finish

Moderator: Connor MacNamee, CEO, West Blvd Cannabis

Chef Jordan Wagman, Author, Culinary Cannabis Pioneer, Director, Kind Magazine

Necole Hines, Founder, Faded Living

Anna Li, Cannabis Recipe Developer, The Cannabinista

  • New therapies and treatments – what consumers and patients can expect from CBD products?
  • Research and Innovations – what discoveries are being revealed and what are the potential opportunities for businesses and consumers?
  • Where will CBD products be available and how to depend on product education and safety
  • Medical Cannabis versus cannabis wellness products – what are the differences and what is the right choice for patients and consumers?

Moderator: Paul Pedersen, CEO, Nextleaf Solutions

Barinder Bhullar, SVP, Corporate Affairs, Brains Bioceuticals

Bridget Watson-Favaro, Nurse Practioner & CEO, Watson-Favaro Cannabis Consultants

Kala Sanmartin, Registered Nurse, Founder & Owner, The Cannabis Nurses

  • Certification and accreditation: where to get it, based on where you work
  • The realities of the job: deciding if budtending is for you
  • Reliable ‘post-graduate’ training: detailed learning, becoming a cannabis sommelier, and what you can share on the job with consumers
  • Information and resources for: sommelier training, Budtenders Association, CanSell, etc.

Julie Domingo, CEO, CannaReps

Sharon Singh, Dean of Students & COO, CannaReps

Jaime Lipowitz, Founder, High Buds Club

Powered by FTL Distribution

Moderator: Keith Bao - Vertically Integrated Cannabis Investor
Kyle Michael, CEO, Follow the Leader Distribution
Todd Ferris, CSO, Follow the Leader Distribution
Andrew Goei, CEO, KungTech
Chris Shar, VP Bus Dev and Sales, ATG Pharma

  • Good gear and great rigs for cannabis consumers and patients
  • More than just nifty - new practical innovations that optimize cannabis delivery
  • Buy or rent – cannabis lounges that have it all
  • Wellness and medical devices for cannabis consumers and patients

Moderator: Abi Roach, Cannabis Lifestyle & Retailing Pioneer and Founder, HotBox Cafe

Michael Ghazal, Founder and CEO, Eco Four Twenty

Josh Creighton, Director of Marketing, Fume Rolling Papers

Arjen Melis, Co-Founder & President, Djot


  • Cannabis Education - Where to get the best training for medical professionals, wellness practitioners, QA, growers, lab techs, budtenders, sommeliers, enthusiasts, etc.
  • Cannabis Careers – what is needed in the cannabis job market today, and how to get hired, promoted, and promoted again and again
  • International Cannabis – opportunities for world-class study, research, job placements, etc.
  • Peer-to-Peer Networking – staying connected, co-learning, intelligence sharing, collaborations, partnerships, etc.

Moderator: Shannon Kloet, Co-Founder, Haché Kloet Consulting

Tommy Truong, CEO, KayaPush

Jeff Ord, VP Partnerships & Growth, Cannabis At Work

Zane Yassein, Co-Founder, Cannabis Training Canada