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Trevor Folk | Lift & Co. Cannabis Expo

Trevor Folk

Co-Founder of Scientus Pharma

Trevor Folk is an operator and entrepreneur whose background is entirely focused on the operation of businesses in highly regulated sectors or industries where credentials, documentation, good governance and reporting are essential to daily existence. He has deep experience in capital markets, and the management of public companies.

He is Co-Founder of Scientus Pharma. located in the greater Toronto Area, specializing in the manufacturing, processing, and destruction of controlled substances. He was also the founder, CEO and director of a Toronto Stock Exchange listed oil & gas company based in Calgary, Alberta. Prior to this he was a director and the president of a Toronto-based brokerage firm licensed under the Ontario Securities Commission and other respective provinces as an Investment Fund Manager, Investment Counsel & Portfolio Manager, and Commodity Trading Manager from 2003 to 2011.

Trevor is a director of Avro Capital based in Vancouver. Avro Capital Partners is an independent investment and advisory firm. The investment portfolio and activity is predominantly focused on real estate and the life sciences and, beginning 2016, the seniors’ living and medical office sectors.