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Travis Lane | Lift & Co. Cannabis Expo
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Travis Lane

Co-founder and cultivation specialist of Levity Solutions; Founding Director of BC Independent Cannabis Association

Travis is a long-time cannabis cultivator, a dispensary founder, and an advocate for small businesses operating in the currently illicit cannabis market. He is the co-founder and cultivation specialist for Levity Solutions, a consultation company specializing in organic cultivation, hydrocarbon extraction, and dispensary operations.

He is also a founding director of the BC Independent Cannabis Association, an organization that advocates for the inclusion of smaller-scale craft producers in a regulated environment, and a registered lobbyist in his home province of BC.

Travis has a varied history in the cannabis business space. He is the founder of The Internet Dispensary, which recently acquired a municipal business licence in the city of Victoria, and a partner in Holistek, a Canadian company specializing in hydrocarbon extractions.
As an ETS certified extraction technician, he is qualified to safely extract using hydrocarbons in multiple American states.

As a cultivator, Travis believes in an organic, no-till approach to cannabis production. He is also a vocal supporter of greenhouse cultivation here in BC, and outdoor cultivation in warmer climes, taking the stance that indoor cannabis production exists solely as a result of prohibition.

With federal cannabis legalization around the corner, Travis is optimistic about the future of small scale cannabis production, and eager to see a proliferation of micro-production licenses throughout BC and Canada.