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Tony Verzura | Lift & Co. Cannabis Expo
Tony V Profile

Tony Verzura

Chief Technologies Officer and Board Member at United Cannabis

Tony Verzura is the creator of the A.C.T. Now Program and co-patented the process for creating Prana Medicinals. He overseas manufacturing, quality assurance, product development, product training, staffing, and brand identity.

Mr. Verzura works hand in hand with the affiliated partners to help coordinate on boarding patient programs, standard operating procedures, and ensures company goals are being met worldwide. Mr. Verzura has been apart of over 45 Awards worldwide, including 6x 1st Place CBD Concentrate Awards, and has been featured on CNBC Money Talk as an honorary guest speaker. He has attended countless cannabis business conferences and events throughout the United States, Jamaica, Canada, Amsterdam, and Spain.

He is a weekly panelist on the highly publicized educational YouTube show called Hash Church hosted by Bubbleman’s World. He is the USA Brand Ambassador for the Bubbleman Brand of products. His publications include The Washington Post, High Times, VICE, Culture Magazine, DOPE Magazine, Skunk Magazine, Sensi Seeds, and Frank 151.