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Aleksandra Jassem & Nikita Stanley of The Rebel Mama | Lift & Co. Cannabis Expo
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Aleksandra Jassem & Nikita Stanley of The Rebel Mama

The Rebel Mama

Nikita and Aleks  are the founders of The Rebel Mama Inc – a smart, edgy multimedia platform that was created for a new generation of smart, edgy moms. The Rebel Mama spans across a website, community, and an out-of-the-gate success parenting book called The Rebel Mama’s Handbook for (Cool) Moms. Adored by cool moms the world over, Nikita and Aleks have created a judgement-free space that tackles “taboo” topics head on with a commonsense approach and irreverent tone. Together they facilitate community building, create engaging content for like-minded moms, and work to promote brands that help moms, disrupt industries, and create community

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