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Tabitha Fritz | Lift & Co. Cannabis Expo

Tabitha Fritz

Co-Founder, Fritz’s Consulting Co.

Co-Founder- Fritz’s Consulting Co.
Co-Founder- The Green Tent
Co-Founder- Bast
MBA Capstone Manager- Rotman School of Management

Tabitha is the co-founder and CEO of Fritz’s Consulting Co., a business consulting firm specializing in small businessstrategy and operations.  A serial entrepreneur, a business-builder, and a cannabis advocate, Ms. Fritz has extensive experience successfully navigating the ever-changing cannabis cash market landscape.

She currently sits on the NICHE Canada advisory board and is the manager of the MBA Capstone Course at Rotman School of Management, Canada’s top business school,where she received her MBA in 2014.

In addition to the Green Tent, she is a founding member of Bast, a women-led cannabis brand that makes products designed for women’s reproductive and gynecological health.  A mother of three, Tabitha is an advocate and resource for parents who want to learn more about cannabis and how to speak to their children about it.

Ms. Fritz has significant experience in education, business, and cannabis, particularly with regards to where
those three fields intersect. Her speaking topics include:
The Importance of Women in Cannabis Leadership:  The number of women on boards and in leadership positions in the cannabis industry lags behind that of other industries. Given the current political, economic, and social landscape, what should companies know about putting women on boards and in the C-Suite?
How to Effectively Use your Small Business’s Data:  Collecting and analyzing data is one of the cheapest and
easiest ways for entrepreneurs to gain insights into their customers, products, and marketplace, ultimately improving their bottom line.
Cannabis and Parenting:  The thought of talking about your cannabis use with your kids can be distressing, but it doesn’t have to be. Cannabis is a normal part of a healthy lifestyle, and you can learn to speak honestly about it with your kids.
Cannabis and Women:  Women have used cannabis therapeutically for thousands of years to effectively treat their ailments and conditions. Not only that, women make 80% of household purchases, and 70% of their family’s health care decisions. What does this mean for cannabis businesses today?
Pitch Deck Basics: Many entrepreneurs have amazing businesses and ideas, but struggle with getting all of that
down into an organized deck

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