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Shekhar Parmar

Founder of Harvest Medicine

Shekhar Parmar is a serial entrepreneur, lawyer, and design thinker who founded Harvest Medicine in January 2017. In 2 years Shekhar grew Harvest Medicine to an industry-leading organization and helped more than 20,000 patients access medical cannabis in Canada. Shekhar is a frequent speaker on panels, and guest on radio programs and podcasts where he speaks on many matters in the cannabis sector, including the future of medical cannabis, innovation in the cannabis sector, and on future trends. His background as a lawyer and experience with HR matters, allows Shekhar to speak on regulatory matters as well as HR concerns with cannabis in the workplace. A serial entrepreneur (currently serving as the founder and CEO of a tiny house company and a design company) Shekhar is able to provide a broad and relevant perspective to issues facing the Cannabis sector