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Sharan Sidhu | Lift & Co. Cannabis Expo

Sharan Sidhu

Founder and Director of Regulatory Affairs and Head of Product Innovation, Innovate Phytoceuticals

Sharan Sidhu is the Founder and Director of Regulatory Affairs and Head of Product Innovation at Innovate Phytoceuticals. She is a regulatory affairs specialist in several industries including the Cannabis Industry in North America and services clients globally. Her academic background in research combined with her experience in pharmaceutical clinical trials allows her to bring a unique prospective to product development, and create innovative and clinically affective products. She also manages methods development for Innovate Phytoceuticals as well as numerous companies and testing protocols to contribute to industry standards. Sharan assists in all facets of GMP/GPP from developing procedures, control documents and GMP/GPP training as well as vendor qualifications and stability data analysis and completion of stability studies.  Sharan is on several regulatory advisory boards and expert panels and serves as a consultant for the board of many private companies. She has successfully advised and aided a number of licensed producers with cannabis product concept development within the current regulatory framework. Considering the changing landscape, she is envisioning the need for innovative product development for both the recreational and medicinal market.