Ray gracewood

Ray Gracewood

Senior Vice President, Marketing and Communications, Organigram Inc.

Ray Gracewood is Senior Vice President, Marketing and Communications at Organigram Inc., a leading publicly-traded licensed producer of cannabis in Canada.

Previously the Senior Director of Sales and Marketing for Moosehead Breweries Ltd., Ray has led Organigram’s strategic approach to the adult use recreational market in Canada as well as stewarding the company’s corporate and medical brands.

Since joining Organigram, Ray has overseen several new product development initiatives including The Edison Project by OGI, an ultra-premium line of cannabis offered to patients in November 2017 resulting in data and insights used to validate future segmentation opportunities.

He is also responsible for the development of Organigram’s strategic approach to adult recreational cannabis, including a targeted suite of brands including the Edison Cannabis Company, Ankr Organics, and Trailblazer.