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Noah Starr | Lift & Co. Cannabis Expo

Noah Starr


Noah Starr first joined the Canadian forces in 2005. He is a rare breed of a modern day veteran that spent minimal time training and in the unit, before being thrusted into combat.
Corporal Starr was trained as a Combat Engineer; it is their duty to ensure that the roadways in Afghanistan remained Improvised Explosive Device (IED) free, while responding to explosive attacks against International Security & Assistance Forces (ISAF). He served in Afghanistan in 2007 where his PTSD and Sacrifice Medal injury happened. After his diagnosis in 2008 and subsequent relapse in late 2011, it became apparent in Corporal Starr’s mind that the pharmacology route & traditional talk therapy did not have the effect needed to clear his mind of the trauma experienced. Facing demons from his tour, suicidal, and with no support from his family/friends & Co-Workers, it became apparent that his continued career as a Combat Engineer was unlikely.
Upon release from the Canadian Forces, it became clear to Noah that without an effective treatment, he would become a statistic. Finding cannabis was that clarity. Since becoming a patient on what was the MMPR, Noah has not only found his wellness, but has managed to start a property management company (CanStar Property Management), and become the Lead Veteran Ambassador & Head Cannabis Coach with CannaConnect.