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Nathan Woodworth | Lift & Co. Cannabis Expo

Nathan Woodworth

Founder & CEO, James E. Wagner Cultivation

Nathan Woodworth is a life-long resident of Kitchener, Ontario, although he spent many summers on his Grandfather’s farm near Tillsonburg learning about agriculture and rural life. He studied Philosophy at McMaster university, but his plans were disrupted by chronic migraines. After pursuing a variety of treatments for some years, Nathan settled on medical cannabis as the most effective therapy. He began growing his own cannabis under the MMAR and with his family he founded a collective of patients and growers in Waterloo Region. In 2012 when the MMPR was announced he and his family decided to bring their passion and unique technology to the commercial production of cannabis.

By 2013 they had founded James E. Wagner Cultivation Ltd. The years since have allowed him to develop his management skills by taking JWC from a start-up to a rapidly growing, technologically advanced producer of cannabis, well on the way to becoming a major force in Canadian cannabis.

JWC has submitted a patent application in respect of GrowthStorm, its aeroponic production technology and infrastructure. JWC’s aeroponic technology is designed to generate a significantly higher plant yield and to provide greater control over growing conditions than traditional soil, greenhouse or hydroponic solutions. As plants are grown in a soil-free environment, less manual labour is required and plants are free from insect and disease threats, driving down bottom line costs.