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Michelle Theissen | Lift & Co. Cannabis Expo
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Michelle Theissen

Graduate Student at the University of British Columbia; Board member of Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy

Michelle Thiessen, BA, Hons., is a Master’s student in Clinical Psychology at the University of British Columbia. Her Master’s thesis seeks to identify differences in pain perception between
cannabis users and non-users. She was awarded a SSHRC-funded Canada Graduate Scholarship for her research examining cannabis use patterns and motivations which led to a partnership with researchers from Stanford and culminated in the development of a new cannabis use assessment tool. Despite being relatively early on in her academic career, she has publications in some of the highest impact journals in her discipline (e.g., Clinical Psychology Review, Journal of Psychopharmacology), and served as a quality-rater and co-author for one of the most comprehensive systematic reviews of medical cannabis for mental health. Michelle sits on the national Board of Directors for Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy and serves as Chair of the UBC Okanagan chapter.