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Michael Heaven

Vice President & General Manager, Argus Control Systems Ltd.

With over 20 years’ experience in leadership roles for companies specializing in process control and optimization, Michael has extensive senior leadership experience in the application of measurement and control technologies in a variety of applications including steel, paper, solar cell manufacturing, water coasters, interactive entertainment, vision systems and satellite communication.  Prior to his current role at Argus Controls, Michael held executive positions with Aurora Solar Technologies, Whitewater West Industries Ltd., Papertech Inc., Norsat International Inc. and was Executive Vice-President of Honeywell’s Measurex business based in Cupertino, CA.


Michael has first-hand experience in controlling the critical factors that maximize yield, reduce costs and eliminate waste on a wide range of processes and applications.  He is extensively published with over 15 patents/applications.  He completed his undergraduate and graduate studies in Electrical Engineering at McMaster University and an MBA from Queen’s University.