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Matei Olaru | Lift & Co. Cannabis Expo

Matei Olaru

CEO, Lift & Co

Matei Olaru is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Lift & Co., a data-driven cannabis media and technology company. Under his leadership, Lift & Co. has become the world’s leading review platform of federally-legal cannabis products, raised $13-million and gone public, tripled its team, and launched several key products that empower the cannabis industry to make better-informed decisions through superior information and connections.

A corporate lawyer and consultant by trade, Matei previously helped advise international governments on business and investment policy with the World Bank in Washington, D.C. and practiced law in Toronto with a focus on cannabis and corporate matters. As CEO of Lift & Co., Matei regularly appears on BNN, CP24 and CBC, and has commented on stories in Forbes, Financial Post, Toronto Star and Maclean’s.

Topics and Areas of Expertise

Matei has delivered keynotes and participated on panels at Canadian and international events focused on cannabis, entrepreneurship, investing, and business.

  • Using cannabis market data to guide business and industry growth
  • Cannabis legislation and navigating them to identify business opportunities
  • Trends and observations in the medical and recreational cannabis markets
  • Examining cannabis “education” and its importance for various stakeholders
  • Scaling a startup in hyper growth and taking a company public
  • The role of ancillary companies in the cannabis investment sector

Previous Speaking Engagements

  • CannaTech – Tel Aviv, Israel 2018
  • World Cannabis Congress – St. John, Canada 2018
  • Lift & Co. Expo & Business Conference – Vancouver & Toronto, Canada 2018
  • International Cannabis Business Conference – Berlin, Germany 2017
  • Grow Up Cannabis Conference – Niagara Falls, ON 2017
  • Cannabis Private Investment Summit – Toronto, Canada 2016

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