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Margot Micallef | Lift & Co. Cannabis Expo
Margot micallef

Margot Micallef

Founder & CEO, GABY Inc.

Margot co-founded GABY, a Cannabis Consumer Packaged Goods Company with her sister Gabriella. GABY is building a house of brands and was inspired by the dire cancer prognosis and ultimate passing of Margot’s late sister Gabriella – who remains the inspiration behind the company. In late 2015 Margot took over the reigns of GABY and under her leadership the company has grown dramatically, expanding into the United States, evolving from food to lifestyle brands utilizing cannabinoids as GABY is a consumer packaged goods company using cannabinoids (whole plant, isolates or distillates) as foundational ingredients in a range of wellness oriented branded products available to consumers without the requirements of a prescription or other intervention by an intermediary.

Prior to focussing her attention on GABY, Margot was the Founder and President of Oliver Capital Partners, a company she founded in 2003 to invest in private companies looking for expansion capital or an outright sale. Since its inception Oliver Capital Partners has directly and indirectly invested in a number of diverse businesses including: broadcasting, publishing, technology, ranching, real estate, food manufacturing, and food service.

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