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Lance Lambert | Lift & Co. Cannabis Expo

Lance Lambert

Strategic Business Unit Manager, Boveda

Lance is a Strategic Business Unit Manager for Boveda, Inc., maker of 2-way humidity control solutions for a wide range of industries, from botanical to electronics, foods, musical instruments and others. He heads the Herbal Division of Boveda, where he oversees the company’s cannabis-centered portfolio, developing growth initiatives for domestic and international markets while working closely with Boveda’s sales, marketing and operations teams. Previously, he worked in digital media publishing and advertising, including Weedmaps, national news organization MediaNews Group (parent company of Digital First Media newspapers, The Denver Post and The Cannabist), Scripps Media and others. His professional background includes various roles in the automotive sector, including e-commerce and entrepreneurship. He holds a degree in criminal and administrative justice and is a board member of The American Trade Association for Cannabis & Hemp (“ATACH”), a 501(c)(6) trade organization.

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