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Kevin Whitenect | Lift & Co. Cannabis Expo

Kevin Whitenect

Veteran, owner of Tier1 SOF and BattleFit Inc.

A senior original member of Canada’s Tier1 Special Operations Unit: Joint Task Force 2, Mr. Whitenect has extensive combat, leadership and operational experience globally spanning over 25 years.

Born in central Nova Scotia, Married to Kira Barrett (from Montreal QC), Mr. Whitenect balances his time between family, riding his Harley, business endeavors and helping others.

Mr. Whitenect is the owner of both Tier1 SOF Inc. (Private Military Company) and BattleFit Inc. (Global Fitness Lifestyle Brand). He also holds advisory positions on two Medical Cannabis Service Providers and is the Senior Veteran Ambassador for CannaConnect (helping break down the stigma of medical cannabis use for Canadian Veterans).

Recently Mr. Whitenect was appointed the Director of Corporate Security for Victor Marx Ministries, and is responsible for the health/safety, training and operational planning of special teams that are freeing child sex slaves around the world.