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Ken Weisbrod | Lift & Co. Cannabis Expo
Ken's Bio Pic

Ken Weisbrod

Vice President, Business Development/Cannabis Strategy, Shoppers Drug Mart

Ken has worked as a practicing pharmacist in both the US and Canada. He has spent the past 30 years working in the healthcare and pharmacy industries and has consulted with the government on the regulations for narcotic and controlled drugs.

Ken began working for Shoppers Drug Mart in 2003 and has led the Shoppers Cannabis Strategy since 2013. His experience and commitment have been key to Shoppers’ emergence into the medical cannabis space and the successful launch of Medical Cannabis by Shoppers™, the first and only Health Canada approved distributor of cannabis from a pharmacy retailer.

Most recently, Ken has worked on a technology to track and verify the source of cannabis used by medical patients. Ultimately, the project will allow physicians and researchers to obtain accurate information on how medical cannabis can benefit patients.