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Irie Selkirk | Lift & Co. Cannabis Expo

Irie Selkirk

CEO, The Green Tent

Irie Selkirk is a true marijuana maven. For over 10 years Irie has been an insightful cannabis educator, patient advocate and caregiver, helping bring her own unique and passionate perspective on the benefits of medical cannabis to a wider community. A lifetime of cannabis-positive experiences combined with her academic studies and a background in health and wellness, sales and hospitality, created the solid foundation that Irie continues to fortify within the cannabis landscape. Irie successfully forges valuable relationships, connecting people together to create and maintain strategic, synergistic alliances that are necessary in this industry. Irie can break down walls, ultimately changing peoples’ minds on the value of cannabis, while simultaneously building strong bridges between educators, patients, producers, consumers, and professionals. Irie’s purpose within this industry is to channel all that she has learned as a cannabis advocate into her comprehensive vision and unwavering dedication to the future of legal cannabis.