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Irie Selkirk | Lift & Co. Cannabis Expo
Irie Selkirk

Irie Selkirk

CCO, SheCann Cannabis

Irie is the CCO for SheCann Cannabis, which exists to empower women through medical cannabis and co-founded The Green Tent, she also acts as VP of Consumer Education & Outreach for Fleurish Cannabis.

Irie has worked with Emblem Cannabis, GrowWise Health, Fire & Flower, Tokyo Smoke and Van der Pop, she also sits on the advisory board for NICHE and consults with international cannabis stakeholders and psychedelic medicine interest groups. When she’s not in the boardroom or working with people, Irie speaks both her mind and her heart at educational panels and healthcare conferences across the globe, and holds workshops and seminars for consumers, patients and industry leaders in her effort to make the world a better place.

As a serial entrepreneur, mother of three and rainmaker, her unique and positive approach to life successfully breaks down walls on stigmatization, while simultaneously connecting with individuals and building strong bridges.