Ian Mulgrew

Legal affairs columnist, The Vancouver Sun

Ian Mulgrew, legal affairs columnist for The Vancouver Sun, has been a leading journalist and Canadian non-fiction author for four decades. He has worked across the nation for a variety of leading publications including The Globe and Mail, The Toronto Star and Saturday Night. At the same time, he also has been a CBC television host, producer and regular media commentator. He has written or co-written eight books including: Bud Inc. — Inside Canada’s Marijuana Industry (Random House Canada, Toronto: 2005); The Waterboy: From the Sidelines to the Owner’s Bob: Inside the CFL, the XFL and the NFL, with Bob Ackles (John Wiley and Sons Canada Ltd., Toronto: 2007); and Amazon Extreme: Three ordinary guys, a rubber raft and the most dangerous river on earth, with Colin Angus (Stoddart Publishing, Toronto, and Broadway Books, New York: 2002).