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Glen Coyle | Lift & Co. Cannabis Expo
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Glen Coyle


Glen Coyle grew up with a passion to serve his country. At age 18, he joined the Canadian Army and spent the next 8 years proudly servin. He served for over 8 years was deployed overseas to Bosnia where he took part in many peacekeeping missions.  After years of training glen was deployed to Afghanistan. His role was in the infantry as a reconnaissance soldier where he played a key role in Canada’s largest led attack known as operation Medusa.

After leaving the military Glen had acquired certain skills and headed towards the building/construction route. He was approached by construction specialist Mike Holmes. Once Mike met Glen, there was no going back. His skills, determination and attitude were the perfect fit for the Crew. Mike made it official and asked Glen to join his team of soldiers on the mission to change the industry.

Due to the stresses that took place in Afghanistan glen found it very difficult to cope and was diagnosed with PTSD. Trying many different forms of medication that did not work effectively Glen finally discovered medical Cannabis.

“It has completely changed my life. I am back to being Glen again”

Glen is now a proud advocate for medical cannabis and has found passion in helping others.