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Erin Prosk | Lift & Co. Cannabis Expo
Erin Prosk - IMG_3170 by Ian Woo (print)

Erin Prosk

President, Santé Cannabis

Driven by compassion and determination Erin has helped pave the way for compliant access to medical cannabis in Quebec and contributed to the overall body of cannabis research that is taking place in real time. She co-founded Santé Cannabis in 2014 alongside two palliative care doctors, Dr. Dworkind and Dr. Gillman. Today, Santé Cannabis is the leading Canadian medical cannabis clinic and a Centre of Excellence in medical cannabis research, clinical best practices and healthcare professional training boasting the highest recruitment in the province. Through Erin’s leadership, Santé Cannabis has expanded from its origins as a clinic solely focused on medical assessment, education, monitoring, and follow-up to become a global leader in medical cannabis research.

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