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Dragonfly Earth Medicine | Lift & Co. Cannabis Expo

Dragonfly Earth Medicine

Josh Sarvis and Kelly Dunn

Josh Sarvis and Kelly Dunn have been cultivating pure, closed loop cannabis for 25 years. They are Humus Beings dedicated to intentionally and actively educating cannabis gardeners on purity in cultivation. They are passionate about being a clear,conscious voice for the cannabis plant, whom has given so many benefits to all of humanity. They created Dragonfly Earth Medicine which is not only a nutrient company but also a educational platform for regenerative outdoor and indoor cannabis cultivation. The Pure Certification was also started by DEM and has become a community driven,beyond organic certification for cannabis cultivation and extraction. They have consulted many large cannabis facilities and farms to grow the highest quality cannabis using biodiversity, polyculture, soil building, nutrient intelligence, seed breeding and regenerative farming practices. 

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