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Dr. Samuel Mellace | Lift & Co. Cannabis Expo
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Dr. Samuel Mellace

Author at Prism Publishers

Samuel Mellace is one of Canada’s longest standing medical marijuana activists, and for the past decade has been actively fighting for a patient’s right to medicate without the addiction, organ failure and death caused by opiates. He is a cancer and car ac cident survivor who uses cannabis to ease symptoms associates with a liver condition that developed as a result of his deleterious opiate – based pain treatment regime. He is a federally licensed designated grower who grows for himself and his wife and he a ssists other patients through the onerous exemption process by helping match patients with designated growers.

Sam is also known as one of the most accomplished and sophisticated medical marijuana growers in the world. Labeled by National Geographic’s Lis a Ling as the “King of Pot”, Sam’s high – security medical marijuana production facility has been featured in countless documentaries and publications, including the National Geographic’s most popular documentary “Marijuana Nation”, the CBC’s “Cannabiz”, and many others.

Sam has always promoted safer methods of ingestion to smoking. With a sophisticated laboratory capable of extracting the various cannabinoids without the use of solvents or adulterants, Sam has developed a trans – dermal cream, by adding extra cted THC and CBD to moisturizing lotions that he says is an effective treatment for arthritis. He also developed his flagship butter, made from the cannabinoids, which can be safely and effectively used in anything from baked goods to spaghetti sauces.

Sam Mellace is the manager of New Age Medical Solutions Inc.