Rick Vetanovetz

Dr. Rick Vetanovetz

Director, North American Technical Services, Hawthorne Gardening Company

Rick serves Hawthorne Gardening Company as the lead for all phases of technical services in support of the professional business since August 2018.  Ricks primary role is to support Hawthorne products based on a sound scientific framework.  Rick’s academic and professional background is primarily in the area of plant nutrition and soil science with an emphasis in fertilizers and fertilization.

Rick has a long history of technical services and research & development involving wide range of horticultural / agricultural applications including fertilizers and fertilization, soils and growing media, plant protection products and analytical support.  Rick has been involved in Professional Horticulture immediately following his academic career since 1986 and has been awarded several US and International patents, one of which led to what is known as the Peters Excel brand of fertilizers.