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Dieter Macpherson | Lift & Co. Cannabis Expo

Dieter Macpherson

SVP Operations, Aurora

Dieter MacPherson has nearly a decade of experience in the Cannabis Industry. He has been instrumental to the success of the Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club, a non-profit, compassion club that he helped to transition in 2012. Dieter also founded Canlio LTD, a cannabis tech company that allows for internal data collection within the cannabis industry to drive policy creation, research and development. Canlio is a first of its kind service that integrates laboratory-testing services with the dispensaries and their prospective members.

Dieter has worked tirelessly in assisting government in drafting safe, accountable and practical cannabis regulations in Victoria and Vancouver. He lives in Fernwood, BC where he enjoys spending time with his new daughter Emma, wife Danielle and their 2 cats.