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David Andrews | Lift & Co. Cannabis Expo

David Andrews

Chief Counsel at Merrco Payments Inc.

Mr. Andrews is a former Senior Federal Prosecutor – with a focus on the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act.

Mr. Andrews has substantial experience dealing with criminal prosecutions related to all manner of criminal law including; fraud, proceeds of crime and money laundering on an international scale. As a result, Mr. Andrews is familiar with the regulatory environment and legal principles related to the global banking system, cross-jurisdictional financial transactions and the legal environment that governs these types of transactions. Mr. Andrews has appeared at every level of court including the Supreme Court on marijuana related prosecutions.

Mr. Andrews has worked in the e-commerce space on a variety of payments related projects for the last five years as a high-level consultant. He has advised blue-chip client’s including: Acquiring banks, publicly traded corporations including Principal Members of the Visa and MasterCard acquiring networkm Payment Services Providers – including one with a market cap exceeding $3b and sophisticated e-commerce merchants.

Mr. Andrews is currently Chief Counsel for Merrco, a payment service provider which will prepare licensed producers and ancillary providers for future Federal & Provincial real time e-commerce regulatory compliance (customer KYC) with the most advanced payments gateway available. This experience, combined with his fundamental knowledge of the law that governs the marijuana industry in Canada and industry experience in the payments space uniquely position him to advise and guide the marijuana industry through the payments ecosystem.