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Chris Friel | Lift & Co. Cannabis Expo

Chris Friel

Mayor, City of Brantford

Born and raised in Brantford, Chris was proud to serve as Mayor of the city from 1994 to 2003. At only 27 years old, Chris received national acclaim as one of the youngest Mayors in Canadian history.

Re-elected in 2010 and again in 2014, Mayor Friel works diligently to drive the growth and development of Brantford and has led the city through unprecedented economic growth and renewal, producing record increases in population, economics and overall morale.
With the development of visionary initiatives such as Smart Brantford, Safe Brantford and Healthy Brantford; Mayor Friel is enhancing opportunities and the quality of life for all citizens. Representing significant cultural and societal change, these initiatives are creating significant benefits for the community; refocusing economic development, decreasing crime, and improving access to health care.
As Chair of the Association of Municipalities of Ontario’s Cannabis Legalization Committee, Mayor Friel is a vocal advocate for municipalities as we face unchartered territory.

Chris’ interest in politics can be traced back to his university days where he completed his Bachelor of Arts, Honours Political Science degree in 1989 from the University of Waterloo. A family man, Chris and his wife Wendy have two children, Connor and Maddie who are both attending University.