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Bethany Rae | Lift & Co. Cannabis Expo
Headshot Bethany Rae

Bethany Rae

Founder & CEO of Flower & Freedom

Bethany Rae is the founder of Flower & Freedom, a female-focused lifestyle brand and community, curating the best of cannabis and sharing it through authentic experienced based content. Bethany is a creative fashion designer, fitness enthusiast and world traveller and has combined these passions, travel, style and fitness, into the heart of the Flower & Freedom cannabis brand. She sees this as her role in normalizing the conversation around cannabis so that education for healthy and safe cannabis consumption education can move forward, for people of all ages.

Originally from Australia, Bethany subscribes to the west coast life, having long adopted Canada for it’s mountain therapy and outdoor adventures. Before settling in Canada, Bethany worked as a brand strategist for Royal Media Partners, introducing new brands and partnerships into the tax and duty-free markets internationally. Bethany also had her own clothing line, Bethany Rae Clothing, sold in Canada, Australia and Asia and is excited to be behind creating one of the first cannabis-themed clothing brands globally.

Find Bethany smashing stigmas at and join her cannabis adventures at @flowerandfreedom on Instagram and Facebook.