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Health & Safety at Lift & Co. Expo 2021 | Lift & Co. Cannabis Expo


A Safe Lift & Co. Expo Experience

The health & safety of our attendees, exhibitors, partners speakers, and team members is our number one priority for Lift & Co. Expo 2021. We’re closely monitoring local and federal guidelines regarding COVID-19 and working closely with our hospitality and facility partners at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre (MTCC) to ensure that our event will be as safe as possible.  

Please know that we will continue to monitor and implement health and safety guidelines that meet or exceed those set forth by all federal, provincial and municipal public health authorities. At this time, we’re currently implementing the protocols and procedures below and will continue to provide updates as they become available.


Lift & Co. Expo Toronto 2021 Safety Guide

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Proof  Of  Vaccination Required

With the Province of Ontario’s announcement that it will implement a mandatory vaccination policy for certain indoor public events effective September 22, Lift&Co. Expo confirmed that all event participants will be required to provide proof of vaccination in accordance with the regulation set forth by the province. 



All participants at Lift & Co. Expo will be required to wear a face mask at all times.




Hand sanitizer stations will be placed throughout the facility at entrances, in high contact areas, and in other strategic areas throughout the facility. 


Cleaning & Sanitization 

  • The Metro Toronto Convention Centre (MTCC) has been awarded a Safe Travels Stamp by the World Travel and Tourism Council which recognizes governments and companies around the world that have adopted proper health and hygiene standardized protocols.
  • MTCC has implemented enhanced & frequent cleaning protocol for all public spaces, facilities, and high-touch areas used by Lift & Co. Expo.
  • MTCC only uses cleaning products that meet or exceed local, provincial and federal guidelines regarding effectiveness against viruses, bacteria, and other airborne pathogens.

Minimal Physical Contact 

  • All attendees, exhibitors, and partners will be advised to practice physical distancing by standing at least six feet or two meters away from others. 
  • Exhibitors and partners are encouraged to distribute hand-outs digitally and limit the exchange of printed materials.
  • Participants should limit physical contact such as handshakes and embraces.
  • Entrances and Exits will be clearly marked to minimize traffic.
  • Directional signage will be implemented for traffic patterns throughout the Lift & Co. Expo meeting and exhibition spaces.
  • Capacity in each area will be aligned with MTCC and local government regulations and be monitored by trained security staff.
  • Food & Beverage will be available and provided as a part of certain ticket purchases and served in individual portions, from the exclusive venue provider adhering to the highest safety standards. Food will be only be permitted to be consumed in designated areas.
  • The onsite ticketing system will utilize a non-contact system for participants, exhibitors, and partners and manned by specially trained temporary staff.

Health & Safety Procedures 

  • All participants at Lift & Co. Expo will be required to complete a Health & Safety waiver/questionnaire during the ticket purchase process. Additional Health & Safety waivers may be required onsite prior to venue entry or picking up tickets.
  • EMT’s and First-Aid professionals will be onsite from move-in to move-out and they will be staffing temperature check areas, offering first aid and providing a separate quarantine area if necessary, for participants.
  • If necessary, Lift & Co. Expo Event Management will work with local health departments and government authorities to trace and contact participants are our events, in accordance with local privacy regulations.

Please check back periodically for updates to our health & safety protocols. 

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