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Europe 2019 Session Information | Lift & Co. Cannabis Expo


Sept 5-6, 2019 - Berlin Congress Centre
Session Overview
Session 1 - Educating Physicians on Medical Cannabis
The role of physicians in the German cannabis market cannot be understated: as determinants of patients’ treatment programs, physicians act as an important gatekeeper. The general unfamiliarity with cannabis’ medical applications represents a significant educational opportunity but is paired with unique challenges. This session will focus on how to approach physicians for the first time, manage common objections and build long-term trust in cannabis’ medical efficacy.
Session 2 - The German Market Opportunity
Germany legalized the use of medical cannabis in 2017, but today still relies on costly imports to meet fast-growing demand. As the first local cultivation licences have now been awarded, this panel will discuss how domestically produced cannabis will change the German landscape and whether this could act as a commercial inflection point for the domestic market. Experts will also identify ongoing challenges with the German program and the immediate priorities that require addressing to maintain its position as the continental leader.
Session 3 - Emerging Business in a Medical Market
The European Union’s emerging medical market presents multiple opportunities for growth, with investors evaluating entry options, either through partnerships, M&A, or direct investment. Managing the limits of the current environment against its future potential is a challenging and delicate balance. Established companies will discuss tactics for raising capital, evaluating business partners, and navigating EU-specific bureaucracy and regulations, as well as highlight how to prepare for an open industry while complying with existing laws.
Session 4 - Commercializing Leading Research and Development
As cannabis is increasingly invoked as an alternative to traditional pharmaceuticals, an emphasis on research will be the catalyst to it broaching the fold of mainstream medicine. Improving our scientific understanding of interactions and associated risks will lead to more sophisticated, readily accepted products. This session will feature experts presenting the latest in cannabis research and how this work will fuel the commercialization of new technologies and delivery mechanisms.
Session 5 - Putting Patient Access at the Heart of the Regulatory Framework
Prominent voices from across the medical and political spheres are lending their support to improving patient access and making reliable information more accessible. Typical hurdles faced by patients include connecting with experienced medical professionals to discuss a prescription, identifying effective products and understanding appropriate dosages. This panel brings together leaders from healthcare, government and business to discuss current policy challenges and to evaluate the best way forward for patient well-being.
Session 6 - Culture & Trends – The Future of CBD
The emergence of CBD has driven a plethora of product innovation as consumers seek out the compound for its wellness benefits. Amidst the explosive growth however, European businesses must pay close attention to shifting market regulations, including the recent addition of cannabis extracts to the EU’s Novel Foods Catalogue. This panel will provide an overview of the current landscape and a look ahead to the proliferation of CBD across several traditional consumer categories.
Session 7 - Global Perspective on the International Cannabis Markets
The social and cultural evolution of cannabis has created an international ecosystem with massive potential for stakeholders across dozens of adjacent sectors. Cannabis’ future impact will be examined through an international perspective, as panelists discuss the challenges of scaling globally, the potential economic impact on a country’s infrastructure, and which adjacent industries may be affected.

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